Saturday, April 7, 2007


I was right! I wasn't being paranoid when I said she was listening to what I was listening to last night!

The girl I really don't like came just now. With a thumb drive. I had expected that from her. She said she wanted to get some copies of movies or something from my computer, like she had said last night.

She wanted to browse through my drive. I can sense that in her. But she asked me to show her what I have.

I am sorry. I don't collect movies and series. Whatever I have in this is all I have. I don't go around trading stuff with people. I have very limited collection of movies. I don't watch a lot of series or movies a lot. I have to admit that I am actually far behind a lot of people in this sort of entertainment. I watch what I feel like watching. It is not like not watching the movie of the year will ruin my whole life. Life is more than that. Yes, I will lose some points when people are arguing on the best movie of the year, or the cutest hunk on the screen, or whatever gossips people are talking about. But that won't kill me.

Anyway, she was pretty disappointed with the stuff I have. Who says I have the best and the latest of everything? Duh!

She was sure I was hiding something from her. She kept on asking for something called Blood. Some anime, I guess. I've heard of the name too, but I had no guts asking strangers if they have it.

Why did she kept on asking for the thing I don't have? Well, here's what. She was snooping at what I was listening to last night. She was damn sure that I have the copy of Blood she was looking for. No, I don't. It was my playlist. I don't hide things. It was seriously only my playlist. And she was damn sure I have that Blood in my computer. No.

And even if I have it, I won't give it to you. Because I don't like you.

Blood. Hmm... Now why does that sounds very familiar to me? If she was asking for the anime, I guess I know why.

My fav J-Rock band, L'Arc~en~Ciel has many of their songs taken as soundtracks of various anime series and movies. I am damn sure that one of the songs was made as either the opening or the ending track of Blood. Since I had the song played and she had never heard of the band's songs, she was damn sure that the song actually came from the story.

Silly. She did look at my player. And she saw nothing. She should have understand that it was no trick. I don't have it. There is no possible way I could switch the whole playlist the moment she took a peek at my computer when all the time I was watching the reflection of my own face.

I remembered her annoying voice saying the even more annoying words. "But I am sure I heard that last night!" Grr... Stop!

I need to restore my mind to its previous state. I need to cleanse the damaging effect her voice had made to my brain. I need a therapy.

BTW, she asked me when should she return my stack of CDs and DVDs. I really want my Nana, but I prefer staying away from her as much as possible.

I still have my Moon Child anyway. Hyde~ *melting at the thought of his cute face*

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