Saturday, April 7, 2007

Sneak Up

Urghh!!! Someone I really don't like (read: annoyed with) sneaked up on me while I was looking at the mirror. Look. I don't know you. And I don't like you at all. Why do you have to do that?

FYI, I am not the only one who is annoyed with her. MJ felt the same too. And she had only heard her once. Or maybe twice. Yours Truly? I had to endure the unpleasant voice of hers for like soooooooooo many times, I wondered how I actually survived the mental and auditory torture. Even my headphones can't do good in blocking that voice from entering my ears.

Anyway, back to today's story. She stood behind me, lowering her back towards me, hoping that I will notice. Damn! I noticed her but managed to pretend for a few seconds like I didn't. Then I looked at her reflection in my mirror. She smiled. God! I hate that!

I pulled off my headphone. I turned back, facing her. She asked me if I have any drama series or anime or anything interesting to watch. She asked me what I was watching. I don't watch anything, dammit. I am listening to my surviving collections of songs. And you are disturbing me and my privacy because you are listening to what I am listening!

I was listening to Mon Colle Knight opening track. The song must have been very catchy, it caught her attention. I hate the way she behaved. She tried to look at my computer's screen for the anime I was watching. Dude! If I am watching something I would really hate people bothering me, especually if you are sneaking on me! And double that if you are in my don't-like/annoyed-with list.

She was like trying to see whatever thing I have in my computer! Excuse me Miss, but I am not your friend. My Roomies are. But I am not. I don't usually act very harsh to people. But this time, I guess I will, if she step into my zone. Because I don't like her.

My hands scurried over my stuff lying on the floor. I reached for my stacks of CDs and DVDs. I found something. I wasn't sure whether she would watch the things I have. Sorry, I don't watch Korean series. And I don't watch locals too.

She was asking for anime. The stupid me actually handed Nana to her! Urghh!!! What the bl**p was I thinking? I waited for so long for the time I can actually watch Nana back-to-back without interruption and I handed my Nana to her? Shoot! Now I have to wait until she's done. And that will be...? I dunno. I truly regretted that.

She saw my stack of CDs and DVDs. Nothing new, but doing some re-runs is cool. Watching another re-run of The Last Samurai or Kingdom of Heavens always warms my heart. Extremely cute heroes. But the main attraction is the storyline. I'm thinking of adding 300 to my list.

Anyway, I gave her my whole stack of CDs and DVDs. And her eyes were still scanning my eyes! That is bl**ping annoying! Look, I just gave you my whole stack. You couldn't finish them all tonight OK? Please stop doing that! Come again only after you've finished watching what I gave you! Grr!!!

She stopped scanning the floor, at my other stacks of DVDs. The DVDs are blank. I told her so. That was the truth.

She was expecting more from me. God! Make her go away! I told her the rest of my collections are in the hard disk drive. She said she will come again with a thumb drive. I bet if I still use the drive as my external HDD, she would want to take that away too. Grr... If only she knew how much I hate her and how I tried very hard to control my temper. I am a bitter, angry bl**p lately. Everybody said so.

She walked back to her room. Thank God! I just wish she won't come to my place ever again. And I wish she will return Nana first thing in the morning.

I turned back to my computer. Well, she just gave me another thing to post on my blog.

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