Tuesday, April 17, 2007


I didn't have the mood to study for tomorrow's paper. Calculus has always been my reading subject.

I took my bag and went through every single compartment and pocket. I found little stuff I forgot I left in the bag. Coins, little candy wrappers, my silver heart pendant.

The pendant reminded me of my broken necklace. I tried to send the silver necklace to the shop to be fixed. No shop wanted to take the job. It was in my keep, broken for a few months now.

Then I felt something small in my bag. Tiny, actually. It was the broken loop of my silver necklace. Great! Now I can fix it myself.

I took my tweezers and started working on it. I have had the necklace broken too many times. And all these while I fixed it with my own two hands.

The low light made the job a little bit difficult. My Roomies turned off the fluorescent lamp when I need it lit. It was ironic, considering that they left it turned on while I was still sleeping this morning. The heat from the lamp stirred me in my sleep. I did woke up, but the discomfort made me pulled the blanket and went back to sleep. I hate waking up in the bright fluorescent light.

Yes, I can just switch the light back on, but my Roomie is sleeping. That is why she turned the light off the first place.

I moved a bit from under my table away from the shadow. The huge shadow caused by the loft bed made my place seemed very dark. The floor is a better place. The sunlight went in from the window next to the bed, lighting up a small area on the floor.

Done! I managed to get the necklace back to its previous wearable state in just a few minutes. That made me wondered why none of the shops want to take the simple job for a few bucks.

I laid the necklace flat on the floor. It looked OK, but I noticed some odd-looking twists of the tiny loops. The signs of my previous works. But no one will ever notice them.

I put the heart pendant on, coupled with my letter 'S' pendant. My dragon pendant will have to wait for some other time.

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