Wednesday, April 11, 2007


I was browsing my folders and files on my hard disk drive. I really need to get a new one. Or maybe two. I have lots of files in my hard disk, i need to get rid of most of them to make space for other stuff.

I clicked on the folder icon labelled Software. Then something caught my attention. Stuck in between subfolders labelled with various names but I know well are filled with software installers, I found a folder named Picture.

Now, where the Hell did that come from? I never realised it was there before. Some sort of magic trick? I proceeded on clicking the icon. I needed to satisfy my curiosity.

God! What a very nice surprise for me! (^_^)

Inside were some subfolders filled with pictures. God! I thought I have lost every single bit byte of my memories here, in College. Everything from the past, since I first stepped into this place.

I browsed through the folders. Some are my friends' pictures. Yours Truly not included. But I am extremely glad I found them.

I was pretty disappointed when the pictures I really wanted (mostly belongs to my private collection of pictures, as well as my *lalala...*'s) weren't there. Now, if only I could turn back time and made at least a copy of everything in some CDs or DVDs. Wouldn't that be great?

But I am still grateful not everything is lost. I can still ask my *lalala...* for his, if he still has his pictures with him. My private collections of some silly pictures I don't want people to see? I can let those go, I guess. And my Ex #1 and #2 pictures? Hmm... Maybe they're gone for good. I never want to delete their pictures, but now they're gone, I guess there is nothing left for me to hold on to.

I found the pictures where I went to the beach and waited till morning. I captured the picture of sunrise. The sky was pretty that day.

I found the pictures of me following a bunch of guys out. Silly pictures. We went to the jamming studio. Then the Coffe Street and the beach. Charles Darwin's theory of evolution picture. See no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil picture. And the silly picture of *ehem* peeing in the toilet. Tee hee...

Paintball pictures. I lost the pictures of previous games, but this one game is special to me. I beat Patrick (yeah!!!) I actually got to shoot him. Tee hee... And Charlie was there too. But that was the day I saw him smoking. He said he didn't take any puff because he knew I was disappointed with him. Anyway, the game was good and I am soooooooo glad I still have the pictures of it.

The waterfall. That was the day when Patrick slipped into the water and almost drowned. We had tuna sandwiches that day. We were like silly school kids picnicking.

Pictures from my Pre-University reunion party. I won a lucky draw hamper that day. And the College looked different from what it were when I was studying there.

Pictures with my schoolmates. We went out and snap pictures. Silly us. I love taking pictures of my friends.

And pictures of my friends who more often than not, ridicule and bully me. But they are a bunch of friends I can rely on when I am in need.

And some other pictures. What made these pictures more special are --- most of the pictures were taken using my beloved rose-coloured Sony Cybershot U Series. I won that in a Contest I joined when I was in Pre-U College. I had lots of pictures of my Pre-U days lost (T-T) And the worst thing happened was when I lost the camera at a barbecue party. The camera was far behind everyone else's, being at 1.3 MP when everybody else was using 3 to 4 MP cameras. And voiceless, 15 seconds movie recording. But the camera means a lot to me. God! I still want to know what really happened that night!

Well, I guess I can't expect a lot of surprises like this anymore. This is no magic. I probably did put the folder in my hard disk drive by accident. But I can't keep on hoping that the rest of the files, the ones I really wanted to be saved, will suddenly appeared on my computer.

...can I?

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