Thursday, April 12, 2007


I woke up with a painful, throbbing headache. 5 a.m. Great. I finally get to sleep at 4 and I wake up at 5? I pulled the blanket and tried to get more sleep. I woke up again at around 6.30. And again at 7 plus.

I took the last rest when my alarm sang at 8. The sound of the rooster crowing woke me up. I pushed the snooze button and the rooster shut up, giving me an extra 10-minutes rest before it went off again.

I texted my *lalala...*. The pain was still there. I climbed down the bed and quickly took out my stuff from the locker. I took a shower. I remembered the SMS I received yesterday. Group presentation on our system to the client at 9 a.m.

I finished taking my shower. 20 minutes before 9 a.m. I quickly scanned my wardrobe for something to wear. I grabbed my black trousers and a blouse and went up to the First Floor to iron my clothes.

Then I went to the place we were supposed to meet with the client and present the system. Uh-oh. Bad sign. I didn't see anybody there. I took out my cellphone from my pocket and re-read the SMS. 4.07 a.m. I texted the Project Leader who sent me the message yesterday.

"When you said 'tomorrow' yesterday, does that mean today or yesterday morning?"

"Yesterday morning."

"Huh. Great. It's OK. Thanks and sorry."

My fault? The message read "System presentation to the client tomorrow. At SRU. 9 a.m."

So I walked back to my room. I thought about how I missed the chance to get some extra marks on the presentation, after I had done very badly on the previous presentation. Now things are just getting worse.

The pain in my head was never gone. It was still in my head the whole time I rushed from my room to the Sports and Recreation Unit and back. I reached my room. I was glad nobody asked me where I went to.

I am still having the headache the moment I am writing this. I am going to get some sleep. I am not expecting the pain to go away, because it never works that way, but if it does, I will be more than grateful.

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