Thursday, April 19, 2007

How Much Will You Pay?

I wasted my time doing nothing today. Well, not exactly nothing. I tried to download scripts for my Web Application project. Only a week to go! *sigh*

I haven't studied anything yet for tomorrow's paper. Yup. Web Application Development. Exam plus project. Urghh!!!

I went to the Study Room on upper floor at around 3.30 p.m. Phew! The heat was killing me! Well, at least the room is not really dusty.

I am not studying. So what am I doing here? I am using the Internet connection. Yup. Luckily the cable connection is still working, and I still have my cable with me. Tee hee... Connection to the Internet made me feel like a normal me again.

I browsed through people's blogs. I noticed that more and more people are putting the small script on their blogs, saying how much their blog is worth. Seems interesting. I know mine worths nothing. But hey, checking it out would be nice. Tee hee...

So I put my blog URL and hit Enter. And... Tada...

How Much Is Your Blog Worth?

Your blog,, is worth $1,129.08

Tee hee... That is quite high for a stupid blog like mine. So, anyone who would pay me that amount? Please... *batting eyelashes*

That would make a great birthday present. (^_^)

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