Saturday, April 7, 2007

The New Coach

I forgot to break this exciting news in this blog. God! I should have put this thing first!

The Club is having a new Coach! Yup! Finally, the long-awaited moment is here. We were all excited about it. And we still are! Queenie just can't stop talking about it.

We met the new Coach last Wednesday. Many of us said he is cute.

The new Coach is nobody new in this Choir thingy. He is a really experienced person. And cool. He doesn't brag about his talent and knowledge.

Queenie felt guilty for not welcoming him properly. No proper introduction, no proper venue, no drinks and snacks. She felt like a mess. But he was cool with it.

Queenie asked him to come over so we can have the Newbies grouped properly, so we can arrange them later. But the session turned out differently. The Coach didn't do that. So what did he do?

He asked us the songs we sing, and he made some arrangements. It was really fun. And totally cool. He's good at that and he knows it. But he kept himself humble all the time. He even said that we, the Club and him, will learn together. He will accept our view, like we do his. He is good at what he is doing, so we definitely will.

He also said about the colours of the music. The colours make the song more beautiful and attractive than it already is. He hadn't made full arrangements yet, and I can say it was not even half- or one fifth-complete. But the song turned out really beautifully. He made us sing parts of the songs, in different ways, and some of us were given different lines so he, and we, can see how the song will turn out like. And it turned out so well for me, and I guess most of us share the same thought. Adding colours is not simple, but then again, nothing is really simple. And we really want to make things great this time, we really want to perform really well and impress people with our songs.

I personally dedicate the songs, and the efforts we, the SH, put into to all SH members, especially the ones who are graduating this year. I still miss the days when we spent our days forming the strong bonds we have now, the SH. You guys are really great. I really hope that we, the new line-up of SH, will make you feel extremely proud.

We actually had very tough training session that day. It was far harder than what our previus Coach thought us. I can see us performing better than last year if we had this continuous training. I hope everybody will give full commitments to this Club, so that we can have the full set of 40 people performing next semester. Double from last year's number. And the songs arranged beautifully, with lots of colours added. I can't wait! (^_^)

He asked us the songs we wanted to perform. He asked for a list so he can make arrangements for us. Now, I really can't wait. Things are just getting better and better. First, getting a Coach. Then, getting the Club active again as we will have practices and trainings. Then, getting song arrangements! If everybody can give full commitment, I don't see why we can't be greater than last year. (^_^)

Queenie has her own story of the day. I hadn't check if she has already posted it in her blog. I hope she did ;)


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