Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Another Day

The class ended at 5 today. But I decided to sit for a little while to finish some exercises. I slept a lot in class, I was being pretty slow compared with the others. That doesn't bother me much. Even if I can work faster, I would spend my time reading the whole instruction, letting the words be absorbed and processed by my brain before I would proceed with the tasks.

Plus, I have some downloading waiting to be done. All they needed were just some few more minutes to be completed.

I gazed at the training material on the desk. I looked at the exercise I left in class right before PC went on with the next few chapters. He was being slow enough with the class, I fell asleep at one point and I still can trace his track. I'm not very sure how long have I dozed off though.

PC is being nice to the class. He cracks unintended jokes and made the class laugh at times. Like when he demonstrated stuff and he kept on deleting the changes he made just so we didn't get totally confused if we were to compare what he did with what was written in the training materials. Or when he used MS Excel to explain on the tables and JOIN functions and the differences of bla bla bla. He concluded the lesson with a simple caption - "So, now you know how to hide a column in MS Excel." He made learning easy.

He left the class at around 5.30 p.m. He waited on some of us who asked him questions regarding whatever problems we encountered in completing the exercises. Before he left he did mentioned about the class being slow enough, he is worried that we might not be able to finish all the Units by Friday. So I guess things will be faster tomorrow.

There were a few kids staying in the lab after 5 p.m. They were also working on the exercises. Some might even tried to explore the application by themselves. I don't know. I gave up sitting there once I realised that one of the file I was downloading had somehow encountered an error, I have to download it starting from point zero. Grr...

Anyway, that was not the main reason I decided to get out of the class earlier than the rest of these guys and girls who decided to stay. My brain was somehow tired when I tried hard to understand the instructions written in the training materials. I didn't get some steps done right the first time, but I managed to find that 'missing' instruction. So I stayed a while, following every step for the first and second tasks in Exercise 4. But I skipped the third, because I couldn't figure out what the instruction really means when it said to do so and so.

I left the lab and went to the water cooler to get some cold water. I parked myself at one of the chairs and started to switch on my notebook. I don't feel like doing anything much today. I thought I was going to download a fresh copy of the corrupted download while I was here. Then I discovered Nana episode 41.

I downloaded Nana instead, the corrupted Ouran episode can wait for another day. I am soooooooo excited to watch Nana, I decided to watch it on the online video uploading services. But sadly to say, I only managed to find ones with very terrible pictures, or ones with nice pictures - with no subtitles!

I searched over the Internet for some other sites. But I guess I'll just have to be patient. I'll wait until the download completes. I discovered that there were already episode 42 to 44 (or maybe more) uploaded online, but without subtitles. I need to be patient.

I read on episode 41. Hachi's baby is named Sachiko! I can't believe that!!! Sachiko was the girl that made Shoji cheated on her. And the baby is named Sachiko!

Anyway, I just can't wait for the download to complete. I left my whole Nana series at home, it's pretty sad I couldn't watch the previous episodes over and over again this week.

The file is almost done, but not until past 9 o'clock. I'm not sure if I can wait for it any longer... Well, I guess I'll wait for a little while.

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