Thursday, May 24, 2007

If I Can't Access My Blogger...

If I can't access my Blogger account or read anybody's Blogspot like I had experienced last Monday and Tuesday, I will probably spend my time doing what I haven't got time to do before.

I realised that I had wasted my time not writing anything since the past few weeks. I seldom write offline these days, maybe because I have nothing interesting to tell anyone. Plus, being in this University, if I can't post the stuff I had written offline while I'm online, I will absolutely feel disencouraged to write again.

It is actually a joy to read Queenie's blog on Blogdrive. I was so glad that she had chosen Blogdrive as her hosts, because I couldn't read anybody else's blog because everybody is using Blogspot. *sigh* But today I managed to read and write stuff at Blogspots. Whew... If this is just a once-in-a-while luck, I will definitely be grateful I could write two posts today. Hehe...

Back to the topic. What will I do if I can't access my Blogger?

Queenie's Blogdrive gave me a hit on the head yesterday. If I can access hers, I can definitely access other blogging services too. My first attempt was accessing the Endless Story, the site I have left for many months untouched. Heck! I'm a writer there. What's the point of not writing? Especially now, when I have the time to access the Internet freely and I can't access my personal blog.

What made me neglected the Endless Story for so long? Well, I don't have much to say in there. Plus, I give a lot of attentions to my personal blog. That is just natural. Plus, the Endless Story has other co-writers. But I guess everybody has been busy. The page has not been updated for some time.

So I am going to spend my time there if I can't access this blog again here, that is, in case of my luck runs out. I am currently writing about The Number 23, the story about Jim Carrey and a mysterious book that changes his life. I will post the review here once it is completed. And I will post my review on Dead Silence there too. Maybe I can do more reviews after this and post in both blogs.

Ahh... I am just sooooo lucky! The 40th episode of Nana is now complete. I can watch it again now. Talking about downloading Nana, maybe I can try to download more stuff here later. Hehe... But Torrent is not allowed. But still, being able to download media contents is much better than not getting any.

And again, about Nana. I watched the 40th episode yesterday from a video uploading site that works like YouTube. I can't believe the University actually allows access to sites like that! In my College, some are blocked. The ones that can be accessed will still be useless. The College blocked streaming media over the Internet connection. So you'll be staring at the blank online video player complete with the buttons you can click, but nothing will ever happen to the player no matter how many times you have clicked the buttons. But here, in the University, I have watched a lot of clips, including Nana!!!

So, not getting the access to my Blogger account is not so bad after all, huh? Nope. It is still bad because I will always want to write stuff here, in my personal blog.

Maybe I should get a blog on some other host. Hmm...


~ t o u r n i Q u e t ~ said...

promise me u'll write every day ;)

buTTerFLowEr said...

i can't promise everyday, but i'll write whenever i can k :)

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