Tuesday, May 8, 2007



I owed Queenie an update. She has been requesting for it since what I can remember as forever. Anything will do. That's what she said.

A lot of things happened lately. I just don't know where to start, and what to begin with.

I have my *lalala...* on my mind. I don't know why. He kept on appearing in my thoughts lately. Queenie said I can write about him. It will be her pleasure to read just about anything I want to write on. If I'm going to write about him, it's going to be a full post. He will not be just a paragraph in a post. Why? Coz you can skip the whole post the very second you read it. (Soviet and faker, I'm doing you guys a favour here.)

Anyway, I have things in my draft and a lot of writing needed to be done. Like Loey said, I wrote the stuff down in a text editor and post them later when I go online. So there will be posts that you will find "suddenly appeared" before this one.

Many things to write on. Hmm... Where should I start?

23 AprilFreedom was about to come. The last Examination paper I had to sit on for this semester.
24 AprilSAP pre-test. MJ packed her stuff home.
25 AprilClass' dinner party. Lots of seafood!!!
25/26 AprilI didn't sleep the whole night packing my stuff. Dad was coming to pick up my stuff.
27 AprilProject presentation. The girls stayed up all night the night before. The lecturer caught us cheating.
28 AprilMy birthday. Got lots of birthday wishes. No cake. Went to the beach. Free vacation!!!
29 April - 2 MayA lot of things happened. Beach is the place to go. Yay! (^_^)
3 MayThe end of the program. Did I mentioned about the program? Oh, I guess I only mentioned free vacation. Heheh :P
4 MayLazy daisy.
5 MayHome.

Somewhere in-between the dates there are things going on between my *lalala...* and me. He's still with the GF, though. *sigh*

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