Thursday, May 31, 2007


I didn't do anything wrong!

I was sitting at my usual spot after the class ended, with my notebook plugged in, surfing the Internet. Suddenly a somewhere-around-middle-aged man asked me for an identification. He spotted me as not the University's student. More precisely, not the Faculty's student.

I was a little afraid of him at first, but I tried to keep myself composed. I stuttered a bit when he asked from which Faculty I am. How am I going to answer that? I was about to say that I am in the Computer Faculty when I realised that that is not a good answer. Heck. If I'm a student of this Faculty, he wouldn't ask me such question.

So I decided to tell him about the course I am taking here. I am not very sure about this, but he seemed to be unaware of the computer course I am joining. Or maybe it was the explanation that made him seemed confused.

I told him that I am an outsider. I am not a student here. He asked me for my Student Card. I handed it to him. Luckily the card is always attached to my bunch of keys, so it was not difficult to produce it to him. He asked me where am I staying the whole time I'm here. I told him the name of the Residential College.

I also explained to him that I often stayed here after class because I don't know where I can access the Internet other than here, since I am an outsider and am not familiar with this place. If only they have some access points in the Residential College buildings...

He further explained that he was not angry that I was here, but he merely wanted to know who am I, just in case he is being asked by the Bigger People. I am a stranger, it is normal for such procedure to be done. An outsider entering the Faculty at night is something suspicious, right? I understand that what he did was only a part of his job. He also made things easy for me when he said that I can tell the guards at the building entrances that he had already recognised me.


He was being nice enough when he asked me in a very nice manner. Having someone raising his voice at you when he knew that you are a total stranger is actually pretty scary for me. I was actually afraid being scolded for staying so late at the Faculty, when the Faculty's students had already left the building earlier.

I was about to ask him his position, just in case I have to talk to the guards at the entrances. He hadn't introduced himself just now. But I just kept myself quiet. He turned around, maybe he was walking towards his post. I saw the embroidered text on the back of the vest he was wearing. It read "WARDEN".