Thursday, May 17, 2007

I Want to Sleep

I couldn't sleep at night for the past few nights. At first it was OK, just like back then in the College, where I would stay up the whole night and sleep for a few hours in the morning. Then things got worse.

I had skipped a few night sleep. At fisrt I slept before dawn. Then I slept in the morning, after dawn. Now I couldn't sleep until it is almost noon.

No matter how hard I tried, I only ended up wasting my time tossing and turning in my bed. I closed my eyes pretending to be sleeping, but deep inside my head I knew I was only fooling myself.

I had also bugged a lot of people at night. I texted them at three in the morning with silly stuff just to make myself tired, so I could fall into a deep slumber early. But that also failed.

Today I had the same problem again. So I decided to become a Brownie. Well, actually I didn't meant to be one. I only wanted to tire myself to bed.

It was around 3 a.m. when I felt like having some cold drink downstairs. I was thinking of having some cold chocolate. So I went downstaris to the kitchen when I saw a pile of undone dishes in the sink. Half of them were mine, and I thought finishing the other half wouldn't cost me anything. So I decided to do them altogether.

I picked up the ones on the dinner table as well. I cleaned the dishes, the utensils and the pans. I filled empty and half-empty bottles in the refridgerator. I emptied the flask and boiled some water to refill the flask with fresh hot water.

I turned on the lights and made noises doing the chores. The whole time I was hoping that Dad didn't wake up. Luckily he didn't. And the whole time I was thinking of the Brownies. No, I don't mean the sweet stuff you eat and later made you feel guilty that you did.

I remembered years ago I did the very same thing when I suffered of this sleeping problem. It never helped me sleep, and it didn't made me feel good doing chores around the house. But at least the rest of the family has less things to do (and they shouldn't complain much when I start sleeping the whole day!)

I was done with the kitchen. I made myself a cup of cold chocolate plus a teaspoon of instant coffee. Now, before you blame my sleepless night on the coffee, I want to tell you to blame it on the chocolate.


I sleep on coffee and stay awake on chocolate. But that also depends on how my body wants to work with the chemicals. Most of the time (almost every time) I will sleep on coffee. Caffeine doesn't stimulate my brain much. I can sleep right after a big cup of Joe. And I can stay awake the whole night after a huge cup of hot chocolate. But it doesn't really matter. I will sleep right after a cup of hot chocolate if I want to.

I took a huge pile of cleaned laundry and began wasting my time folding everything up. It took me a while (around two hours plus) to fold everything. The small hill was finally stacked up pretty neatly at around five-thirty.

And I was still wide awake. *sigh*

I grabbed my towel and took a morning bath. I heard Paris' alarm singing, but I didn't hear any knock on the bathroom door. She was probably taking a five-minute snooze.

I finished my shower and out of the bathroom. Paris asked me where was I planning to go, taking a shower early in the morning.

"To bed," was my simple reply. I put on some clothes, put on some cream on my face, put my dirty laundry in the washing-machine downstairs and put away the comforters and pillows Paris used back into the bedroom. She slept in front of the TV.

I still couldn't put myself to sleep. So I switched on my computer and started typing. I had a lot in mind, I wanted to put everything in one post. But I guess multiple short posts are better than one very long post.

Paris had finished her shower. She was surprised to see the stuff she used last night had been put away. Well, I have too much energy I don't know how to waste them. But nobody noticed that I actually want to sleep very badly now.

Here I am, finishing the last paragraph of my post. I really need to sleep. I will close my eyes, pretending to be sleeping until my mind actually let me sleep. For real.

Good night!
(-_-) zzZZZ...


-langkahbaru- said...

buat housework x tlog tido.bila aktif buat kerja adrenaline keluar wat lagi segar.lagi xleh tido.eheh
apa kata ko baring atas katil, psg laptop, turn on apa2 movie yg x excited sgt or tak borig sgt...pastu tala kipas ke muka.
haha...angin tu nanti tutup mata :p
(susahye taip kat pc org len,hurup 'n' takleh tekan, pakai on-screen je.huhu)

buTTerFLowEr said...

huhu~ buat ape2 pn xjalan. kne pakse tdo gak. tp klu dh tdo mcm xnk bgn :P

Lewis said...

Insomnia tu!!! Bahaya gak! Last few years, saya ade terbaca pasal bende2 yg tak dapat tdo dan yg tdo amat2 lewat...aktiviti2 nie akan menyebabkan sistem pembiakan pompuan menjadi tak beberapa baik laa...

Eh... u better watch out!