Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Dead Silence

Scream and you'll be dead.

Wow. That sounded like a line by a robber or something. "Scream and I'll slit your throat."

My Sister bought a DVD. Dead Silence. I was thinking of catching the movie at the cinema. But she beat me at it. Huhu~ It's OK. I still have Spiderman 3 to watch with my *lalala...* (^_^) I just hoped she is not going to force me to watch it with her. Huhu~

She said she read the review on the story. Well, not really a review. Someone was spilling the storyline in his/her blog. She read about the whole movie, down to every single detail, in it. And that's why she bought the DVD.

The picture is dark. Someone took it in the cinema, not from a master copy or anything like that. The picture is really terrible. Everything is dark. Well, you can always expect stories like that often portrays dark places with shadows, or night with very little lights. Combine that with the dark setting of a cinema's inside. I lost most of the details of the movie.

Anyway, she spoiled the story by telling me about the part where the guy fall from a high place and cannot scream or else he'll be dead meat. What I didn't exactly understand is why did she bought the DVD the first place when she already knew what the whole story is about and she didn't seem to watch the movie much. I mean, the whole time she was either:
a) not in front of the TV (downstairs, in the bathroom, just about everywhere but not in front of the TV)
b) not watching the TV because she was afraid, she didn't really open her eyes to it

The story is full of suspense as the puppet and the spirit of Mary Shaw kept on moving and/or appearing unexpectedly expectedly like what all movies of its sort do. But I hate puppets, especially THAT kind of puppets (I'm talking about Billy, the ventriloquist's dummy). So, the movie did make me feel a bit chilly.

The whole time the hero of the movie, Jamie, was being surprised with sudden appearances and movements of Billy and Mary Shaw. But he never screamed. And when that happened, my Sister got sort of pissed off (in a joking way, of course) by how cool and calm the guy was. Well, he almost screamed when he fell off of the 2 or 3-storey high place, but he muffled the sound by covering his mouth during the fall.

She should have just turn her head to her left. Yours Truly is pretty much like that guy in the movie. I am not saying that I am not scared of anything. I just don't scream. We don't act cool by not screaming. We just don't.

It kinda reminds me of all my roller-coaster and ghost train rides. And other rides that will usually made people scream at the top of their lungs. Sadly to say, I only managed to let a little gasp every now and then throughout the rides. I often wonder what made people scream, and what does it feels like, screaming like that on rides.

Back to the movie. Hmm... Given an option to watch this thing again, I will probably watch it. I need to see the details I missed in the very dark picture of the DVD. And if I watch it with my *lalala...* I can have excuses to borrow his shoulder for the 'unexpected' moments. Haha...

Movie spoiler:
Everybody's dead at the end of the story.

I never and will never like ventriloquist's dummies.

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