Saturday, May 19, 2007

That was Three Years Ago

I'll be going to the University I tried to get in three years ago. I thought it was sad not to get into that University because I already had my eyes on it since I was in the Pre-U College.

I had friends who were waiting for me so eagerly, they said they will try their best to help me in my studies, if only I would join them in the same University. Well, even without them persuading me like that, I would still opt for the University as my main choice.

Now I'm not very sure about it. I mean, is it really great being in a big University like that? I don't think I like being in such a big place.

The College I am currently in is a small College. More or less, it has the school-like environment. And I appreciate that. I can walk to classes with Charlie and Queenie and just about anybody, because we are going to the same blocks. Not being in the same faculty doesn't matter much for us.

Three years ago I was eager to get into a big University. But that was three years ago.