Thursday, May 31, 2007


I bleed again today. This time, it was my tongue. That's not really some rare cases, I often got my tongue bleeding unexpectedly in the morning. Or at any time of the day. Especially when I just had some tongue-burning hot soup, or hot drinks. The tongue-brushing habit is not very good after all. Or maybe I just need a good tongue-cleaner.


But today's bleeding was more than the usual bleeding. I am not very sure why. The wound seemed like just a tiny spot, but I can see the blood spreading from that one tiny spot pretty quickly. I forgot whether I had something hot for last night's dinner, and if it had burned my tongue.

*sigh* I had to bear the taste of the ferrous blood in my mouth. I had been spitting and gargling for a few times just to get rid of the blood taste in my mouth when I remembered that I have to do just the opposite. I should just let the blood flow in my mouth. The saliva will take care of it.

I am lucky I learnt that the saliva can actually help to heal wounds. Not from some formal education system. But I feel lucky I knew stuff like that.

Ever think of why people suck the blood of paper-cut finger? Or why the tongue never really bleed for long? Because the saliva has the healing property. The saliva can stop small cuts from continuous bleeding, some sort of blood-clotting capability. But you will have to bear the ferrous taste in your mouth though.

So I stopped spitting and held my mouth closed for a few minutes. Then I wash my mouth and looked at the wound. It was still there the last time I looked into the mirror before heading to the class. No hot cereal drinks for me this morning. So I grabbed a pack of chocolate milk and headed down to the Faculty.

I was almost out of the Residential College building when I realised that I forgot to bring along my training materials - again! So I rushed back to my room and grabbed the blue plastic file on the desk and walked as fast as I can to the Faculty.

I stepped into the class just in time, like I always do. The bleeding had stopped. I started up the computer. A few while later the class started. I took the chocolate milk out of my bag and started sipping. I need to keep my mouth busy the whole time in class, or I'll be very sleepy.