Monday, May 28, 2007

The Second Week

Today we have a new trainer for the SAP Course I am currently in. It is a refreshing thing. He doesn't look like anything past 30, I think he's in his late 20's, just like the previous trainer.

What I like better about this trainer, compared with the previous trainer, is the fact that he gave us options to his teaching pace. We can choose to go at the fast pace, finishing the 500-pages-or-so training materials in four days and have Friday for revisions, or choose to complete everything in five days without revisions. I am not sure which one did the rest of the class really opt to, but I guess everyone has decided on the 5-day option.

And I like his way of explaining. At least he checked on us whether we can actually follow what he is talking about in front. The previous trainer went at a very high speed, most of us have to concentrate on what he was saying just to grasp some words.

I am still the sleepy-headed me in such courses and classes. I suck at concentrating. Hehe... But I managed to stay awake most of the time in class. That's a good thing, considering that I munch less in this class. But I munched on higher-calorie stuff, I finished some 80 grams of milk chocolate-coated raisins and nuts (most of them are almonds) in less than half an hour. And I tried to chew slowly!

Another good thing about this trainer is, he did the exercise in the book, showing every step to us, and he let us do in a short while after he did his. That's very helpful for most of us. We can easily understand what we should do to get things right. Unlike the high-speed trainer who completed 3 - 4 exercises at one go and expected us to complete them all in specified time when we can barely figure out what he was talking about.

But everybody has his own teaching methods. I guess we just have to adapt to whatever and whoever is assigned for us. I just hope that I can stay awake in class longer, with less help from junk food or anything.

Tomorrow is another day. Wish me luck.