Thursday, May 24, 2007

That's Kinda Funny...

Haha... I thought this is actually weird.

I thought that the University I am currently in for the 5-week Computer Course does not allow access to Blogspot pages. I tried that yesterday, and the day before but failed. First I tried to access Queenie's Blogspot, but was redirected to the University's official web page. Then I tried mine. That failed too.

That is not really weird, considering that many Universities (especially the public ones) are limiting the access to pages the Administrations deem as not suitable. Porn sites are the absolute "No" in many places. Torrent downloads are not allowed too. The rest depends on the Administrations to decide.

At my place the forbidden sites are always the ones that receives way too many hits. Friendster suffered a long time ban in my College since the last couples of years. Anime and MP3 (and many other audio and video extensions) are forbidden keywords. Instant messaging tools also suffered the same fate, being blocked from gaining access. I have to constantly switch to many IMs just so I can be in touch with my friends. Sad. But I am happy that Blogger has never been listed among the Forbiddens.

It is funny to see that here in the University the Blogger is blocked. They enable the access to anime sites, download sites and Friendster. What has Blogger done here, being blocked from getting an access? And thus, I have missed numerous posts by my fellow bloggers while I'm staying here.

I am not so sure whether I am just plain lucky or what. Today I tried my luck in accessing Blogger. I managed to enter my account! I am not so sure whether they have enabled the access or I just have my luck and good instinct, I typed the Blogger address instead of the Blogspot one. Sometimes they block sites through the keywords, not the site.

I managed to log in and I decided to blog about it straight away. Then I tried my luck to see the comments I just got from Queenie yesterday. Well, I can't believe I can actually read the comments.

I test my luck once more by entering my Blogspot. I can! And I can't believe it!!! I immediately entered Queenie's blog. I was right. She has a new post. I read the post in-between the exercises I have to do in class. It's a very tough class. I wondered if I can actually score the passing marks in the test.

I have to stop a few times just to complete this one post. *sigh* But at least the class ended pretty quickly today, I took some time to surf the web and write bits of this posts before continuing with the uncompleted exercises.

Now the class has ended I parked myself at one of the tables at the Faculty's lobby. They have electric and LAN sockets here. This is how I spend my day after class since yesterday (the first time I spend my night here). The main reason is to finish downloading Nana, the 40th episode. I can't wait!!!


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~ t o u r n i Q u e t ~ said...

wow it's a great news that u can access the blogger ;)
kinda boring ir u cant write for a day :P